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The State Company Russian Highways (Avtodor)

The State Company Russian Highways («Avtodor»)

The State Company Russian Highways («Avtodor») was established in 2009. The Company's objective is to develop a network of high-speed toll highways, attract off-budget investments, and to develop road service facilities.

The State Company Russian Highways is a trust manager of the 450km long M1 'Belarus', M4 'Don' (1,517km), M3 'Ukraine' (432km) motor road, and of the new M11 'Moscow - St Petersburg' high-speed highway. The State Company carries out their comprehensive renovation.

Avtodor is in charge of the development of the Central Ring Road (TsKAD) in the Moscow Oblast.

The State Company employs the public-private partnership (PPP) mechanisms to implement all its major projects.

Avtodor State Company has commissioned first road facilities (a segment of the M1 'Belarus' motor road bypassing Odintsovo and a segment of the M11 'Moscow - St Petersburg' highway between the Moscow Ring Road and Solnechnogorsk), implemented under concession agreements. In 2014, a segment of the M11 high-speed highway between kilometres 258 and 334 to bypass VyshnyVolochok in the Tver Oblast was opened for traffic; this project was implemented under a long-term investment agreement.



Limited Liability Company «Avtodor - Trading Facility»(LLC «Avtodor-TF»)

LLC «Avtodor-TP» offers a comprehensive service package that includes managerial and engineering support, preparing and implementing procurement and auction procedures under applicable laws of the Russian Federation:

  1. procurement preparation, management and conduct (under Federal Law 223-FZ of 18 July 2011, Federal Law 44-FZ of 05 April 2013);
  2. preparation, management and conduct of auctions involving sale of property, incl. lease auctions (Order 67 of the Federal Antimonopoly Service dated 10 February 2010);
  3. calculation and substantiation of initial contract prices;
  4. development of requirements specification for procurement;
  5. expert assessment of the compliance of bids with the laws, conditions and requirements of procurement documentation;
  6. participation in the management of conflict situations and consideration of appeals by bidders;
  7. individual approach to the management and conduct of the Customer's trading and procurement procedures.