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Improved safety, efficiency and quality of transportation services, sustainable operation of the entire transportation industry represents an honourable creative mission and a key priority area in the development of Russia. In May 2015, the First International Forum «Innovations in Road Construction» was held in Sochi. It offered a common communication platform for discussion of issues focused on better efficiency and faster implementation of modern technologies.

This age of high speeds raises the task of further improvements in transportation infrastructure and application of radically new management and innovation solutions.

Currently, the topic of innovations in road construction occupies a strategic area in the development of road industry and the entire transportation sector. New breakthrough technologies are relevant for every single person involved in the process of developing a core network of state-of-the-art high-speed highways. They offer optimisation of business models throughout the highway life-cycle for investors, development of advanced high-tech highways for construction companies, reduced road maintenance costs for repairmen, as well as direct access to high-speed, safe, smart and convenient roads for traffic participants, such as motorists and pedestrians.

The interest shown in the implementation of innovations in the road industry by both the government agencies and businesses involved in the transport infrastructure development has highlighted the need for convening the Second International Forum «Innovations in Road Construction».

During plenary sessions and round tables, a number of high-priority issues will be discussed, including those associated with the updated State Company Avtodor's Innovative Development Programme for 2016-2020; import substitution as a tool for implementation of innovative technologies; development and improvement of mechanisms for implementation of innovative technical solutions in the design, construction and operation of road facilities; international and Russian trends in the development of innovative technologies in road construction.

It is expected that the Forum will be attended by representatives of governmental, federal and regional authorities, businesses, educational institutions and scientific communities.

The Conference will be hosted by Russian Highways State Company and co-hosted by Avtodor TP LLC.