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I. Levitin

Welcome to The Innovations in Road Construction 2nd International Forum!

The economic policy pursued by the Russian Federation considers the national transport system as an important part of its infrastructure with the development thereof being a top priority for the state.

The up-to-date infrastructure and transport facilities are required for implementation purposes.

The road industry is a major generator and consumer of innovations and is able to take other industries to the next technology level.

The key targets pursued by innovations in the transport construction industry shall include extended life cycle of transport facilities and preservation of their top performance in order to guarantee reliability, safety and lower environmental footprint.

Nowadays, this Forum is deemed a very good venue to discuss important issues related to innovations in the road construction industry.

I wish all attendees success, good discussion and well!

I. Levitin - Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation


I am glad to welcome you on the occasion of the opening of the International Forum "Innovations in Road Construction" in Sochi.

The agenda of your representational meeting includes a wide range of issues related to the stable functioning of the country's road and traffic facilities, introduction of new advanced, innovative technologies, improvement of reliability and safety of road transportation. I would like to notice that the improvement of the country's integrated transport system, dynamic development of the domestic economy and Russian regions, people's quality of life depend largely on the effective solution of these problems.

I expect that the forum will be held on the basis of business-like and constructive dialogue, and its decisions will contribute greatly to the exchange of the best professional expertise and practical experience, strengthening of the mechanisms of public private partnership in the sphere of construction of motor roads and related infrastructure.

I wish you success and all the very best.

S.Ivanov - Head of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation

Sergey Kelbakh

Innovative development constitutes this country's strategic course along which the Government of the Russian Federation actively and purposefully develops programmes to support high technologies.

Transportation infrastructure is a key platform for innovation activities. Naturally, development and introduction of new technologies in the highway design, construction and subsequent operation require considerable resources. Here, innovative forms of contractual relationship come to our help, such as mechanisms of public-private partnerships, which allow for extra-budgetary funds to be raised and the use of breakthrough technologies to be encouraged in the infrastructure project implementation.

The introduction of innovations in the road sector is a key condition for the industry's development, an efficient tool to reduce costs per road lifecycle and to improve their consumer properties, and ultimately, to make them more appealing both for users and investors.

The current difficult macroeconomic environment confronts us with new challenges. Innovations have confidently integrated into the industry's life, now they must become a new impulse for its development. The interest shown in this field by both the government agencies and market players has highlighted the need for convening the Second International Forum 'Innovations in Road Construction'.

The principal component in the industry's innovation management system, rather than being confined to mere testing of new technical solutions, should ensure their implementation. A large-scale implementation. We need results! Without this, no evaluation of innovation activities in the road sector would ever be possible. Avtodor State Company faces the task of creating environment for generating, testing and implementation of innovations in the domestic road sector.

The First International Forum 'Innovations in Road Construction' held last year offered a common communication platform for discussion of issues focused on better efficiency and faster implementation of modern technologies. I am confident that the Second Forum will be even more productive.

I wish fruitful work and more breakthrough innovative solutions to all the Forum participants!

Sergey Kelbakh - Chairman of the Board
"Russian Highways" State Company


The 2nd Innovations in Road Construction International Forum is a very important event for Russia.

The road construction industry is of strategic importance for the country. The sustainable economic growth, higher competitiveness of national manufacturers, improved living standards, enhanced national security and integration of the Russian transportation industry into the international transport system depends on the state of the art of the highway network.

The high performance of the public road system shall be based on a continuous innovative process in view of the available developments and trends in the field of scientific and technological advance. Nowadays, nanotechnologies and up-to-date engineering solutions in road design, repairs, renovation and operation shall be a pre-requisite of further development of the industry. Recently introduced innovations allowed it to implement a number of regional highway system upgrade programs and commission facilities of top priority for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, thus increasing the investment potential thereof.

I do believe that this Forum will represent an efficient communication venue to share expertise in introducing innovations in the road construction industry both in Russia and abroad, and the decisions made will contribute to achievement of specific goals in terms of development of the national transport system.

I wish you good work, well and prosperity.


E.S. Moskvichev

Acting on behalf of the Transport Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and in my personal capacity I'd like to welcome the organizers, attendees and guests of the 2nd International Forum Innovations in Road Construction!

An efficient traffic infrastructure is an underlying factor ensuring territorial integrity and competitiveness worldwide, an important element of industrial cooperation and an accelerator of innovative solutions in the engineering, logistics, building, telecommunications and other related industries, both in Russia and abroad.

The Innovations in Road Construction International Forum is for two consecutive years now attended by respectable participants and offers a highly topical and diversified agenda setting a business-like tone for peer review of pressing issues related to development of the national road building industry.

I am sure that this Forum will ensure meaningful and evidence-based dialogue and promote pursuing top priority objectives currently set in the national transportation industry in an efficient manner.

I wish all attendees and guests good luck, fruitful work and dynamic cooperation!

E.S. Moskvichev - Chairman of the Transport Committee

Roman Starovoyt

A full-fledged road sector development is not possible without introduction of innovations. Thanks to modern approaches, road design has currently reached new levels: in the process of road construction, reconstruction and repair, wider use is made of unique techniques and ultrastrong materials capable of increasing the service life of road surfaces several times.

At present, implementation continues of such major state projects as preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and construction of a transport passage across the Kerch Strait, where the industry's latest scientific achievements are applied.

The key mission of road builders is to enhance transportation infrastructure, strengthen interregional links, constantly improve the quality of road works, introduce advanced energy- and resource-saving technologies, state-of-the-art road-building materials, designs and new machinery.

I am convinced that the Forum 'Innovations in Road Construction' will provide an efficient platform for interaction between public authorities and business, and decisions reached in the course of round-table discussions will facilitate the promotion of advanced road construction technologies and contribute to better road safety.

I wish fruitful and productive work to all the participants. I hope it will become a key to successful further development of this country's road transport industry!


A. Alexeenko

Dear attendees, guests and residents of the Krasnodar Territory,

The transport accessibility of the most popular seaside resorts of the Krasnodar Territory is continuously improved due to high quality upgrade of federal highways and construction of new optional roads to the Black Sea coast. New high speed four-lane highways with improved road surface ensure quick and unimpaired access to any location in the scenic resort area.

The Krasnodar Territory is a national leader in terms of quantity, density and quality of roads. The federal highways are principal traffic arteries linking the Krasnodar Territory with other constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The industrial output growth, development of sea ports and tourist and recreation locations as well as higher quantity of vehicles triggers a considerable increase of the traffic flow rate. Thus, innovations in the road construction industry are patricianly pointed nowadays.

We highly appreciate that the Forum dedicated to innovations in the road construction industry is held in Sochi for the second year in a row. We believe that such events do promote higher interest of young people residing in this territory in this field and we will hear of new breakthrough ideas and projects proposed by young and talented Russian researchers soon.

I wish all attendees good work, challenging discussions and success!

A. Alexeenko - Deputy Governor Krasnodar Territory

A.N. Pakhomov

Dear associates and attendees of the Innovations in Road Construction 2nd International Forum!

First of all, I'd like to thank the organizers for selecting Sochi as a venue for holding the Forum.

Our city is the best real-world evidence of the progress made by the national road construction industry. The targets related to improvement of the transport infrastructure set for the designers and developers both ahead of the Olympic Games and nowadays as part of preparations for holding the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia require an innovative approach irrespective of the work stage.

The road traffic considerably improved in Sochi due to the modifications introduced recently. Now, there is a huge scope of work ahead related to support and maintenance of this infrastructure.

I do believe that experts attending this Forum and specializing in various fields of the road construction industry will be afforded an opportunity to discuss new groundbreaking technologies available in the industry as well as applicable testing and adoption techniques.

We are really pleased that this Forum will be attended by young and promising Russian researchers along with the leading figures of the road construction and transportation industry as it may represent a reference point for them to promote and develop trailblazing and innovative projects.

I genuinely hope that a tradition of holding this Forum in Sochi will be carried on next year as well.

And welcome to Sochi!

A.N. Pakhomov - Sochi Mayor

General partner

S.A. Zubanov

On behalf of the Board of directors of the company and the staff of an open joint-stock company «Donaerodorstroy» I congratulate all the participants, organizers and guests on holding the II International forum "Innovations in Road Construction"!

The setting up of the road and transport infrastructure is the priority direction of social and economic development both of the Russian regions and the country in general.

It is clear that the development and progress in the modern conditions are impossible without taking an innovative path in all spheres and branches, including road facilities.

Thanks to the new equipment, technologies and materials both our colleagues and we are striving to perform our work on the highest level of quality so that travelling along the highways of Russia could be the most comfortable and safe thing and the roads served as long as possible.

May our forum give a new impetus to the use of the best innovative practices in road construction and become a powerful platform for the dialogue between road builders, business and government representatives.

I sincerely wish all the participants fruitful work, steady progress in achieving the goals and new large-scale projects!

S.A. Zubanov - CEO of JSC «Donaerodorstroy»

Strategic partner


On behalf of road-construction company «R-1» I would like to greet participants and guests of the II international forum "Innovations in road construction area".

Nowadays in quite a difficult economic situation it is extremely important to continue stimulating ongoing development of road construction area. Precisely innovations are the necessary essence that allows to elevate the process and economics of road construction to a higher level.

However implementation and application of innovations is impossible without active participation of specialists of wide specter. Today each participant of the forum, let it be scientist or expert, entrepreneur or planner, engineer or civil servant, must take part in solving the key problems that we face due to economic situation and current time.

Success of our work depends highly on the correctly formed interaction and dialogue between all forum participants as this will not only help outline and discuss up-to-date issues, but will also enhance mutual understanding and partnership.

I wish all forum participants vital discussions, fruitful and productive work.

E.R.Aramyan - Board of directors head Road construction company «R-1»